Freight and Shipping, Inc. – Freight & Shipping, Inc.: A Freight Company That Keeps Promises and Treats Customers AND Employees With Respect and Honor


How many large companies of any kind have a big boss who knows the name of everybody in the building? Not just one building, either; everybody in every building. I’d bet that in most large companies, the big boss doesn’t even know the names of the people in his immediate vicinity.

At Freight & Shipping, Inc., the personal touch that all of our customers have loved so much is extended to include employees as well. We treat our customers like royalty, and we treat our employees with that same courtesy and friendliness. Eric Masters, V.P., is busier than any human being any of you have ever known, and yet he knows each of his employees, and can put a name to every face. When a customer posts a compliment about one of Eric Masters’ employees, Eric knows exactly who is being discussed. And then, Eric will seek out that employee and pass the compliment along. Not only that, Eric will then add his own compliment on top of the original compliment.

Freight & Shipping, Inc. is a big building full of happy employees who pass their good will and contentment along to the customers. When you call Freight & Shipping, Inc. at 1-877-618-6058, the person who answers the phone is not only able to help you, he/she is happy to help you.

Freight & Shipping, Inc. is unique among shipping companies in that we welcome ALL customers, no matter what kind of freight they might need to ship. Some shipping companies are not interested in first-time shippers; Freight & Shipping, Inc. is glad to welcome first-time shippers, and we will treat you so well that you will probably become repeat shippers.

Some shipping companies aren’t really interested in a customer’s LTL freight, but Freight & Shipping, Inc. is. We welcome ALL of your shipping needs, and we will treat your freight as the precious cargo we know it to be.

Eric Masters has built a company from the ground up, with honesty, courtesy, reliability, trust, safety, and kept promises as his foundation. When you put your freight into his hands, you can rest assured that everything humanly possible will be done to insure its safe and timely arrival.

Wouldn’t you like to work for a business like Freight & Shipping, Inc.? If you live in the Clearwater, Florida, area, your chances are good; we’re hiring!

And if you’re hired, expect to see Eric; he’ll be right there to shake your hand and welcome you to his company. And when he sees you again, later, he’ll remember your name.

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