The Office – The Delivery Review: Pam and Jim’s Baby is Here

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Back in May 2009, we discovered that Pam was pregnant. Eighteen episodes later, the baby is here and Jim and Pam are officially parents. However, it wouldn’t be an office delivery if Michael didn’t try to get involved in every aspect.

Throughout the entire episode, Michael offers to drive Pam to the hospital. However, Jim and Pam want to wait until after midnight so Pam can get an extra day in the hospital as part of their insurance coverage.

Eventually, Pam’s contractions start occurring more frequently and Jim wants to take Pam to the hospital. Pam still wants to wait until midnight, but Jim is insistent on taking Pam now.

It’s good to see the “perfect couple” have fights that every other couple has. It humanizes them and makes them appear not as perfect as you thought they were. They still work through all of their fights, but it would be unbelievable if they never fought at all.

Dwight Wants a Baby with Angela

Meanwhile, Dwight has seen Pam and Jim use their baby in order to get sales so he decides to get in on the action as well. He asks Angela if he will bear his child and she agrees.

We haven’t seen any Dwight and Angela storylines since Dwight “married” Angela back in season 5. The two go back to their old meeting place and go over all of the paper work regarding the baby and how it will be raised.

Dwight is very professional about it and seems to not care about spending time with Angela, but just making sure she will have the baby. Angela on the other hand seems happy that Dwight has asked her to bear his child.

Andy Finally Asks Erin Out

After Michael tries to set up Erin and Kevin, Erin confesses that she actually likes Andy. And finally, after months of Andy beating around the bush, he finally asks Erin out. The two of them are ecstatic and of course Michael takes the credit for getting the two to go out.

Let’s hope the Andy/Erin relationship lasts for a while. The writers took so long to build it up that it would be a complete waste if they decided they should break up within the next couple of episodes.

Dwight Runs Into Isabel

Isabel, Pam’s sister, stops by Pam and Jim’s house to drop off some food and finds Dwight working on the kitchen. Dwight hooked up with Isabel at Pam’s wedding. Dwight schedules an appointment with her at the dentist and it appears that Dwight may have another child bearer.

However, he did admit to Michael that he was not really impressed by Isabel at the wedding. This will most likely be another one-night stand for Dwight. It seems unlikely he will change his mind about Isabel.

So after all of the craziness surrounding the birth, the baby is finally born and is healthy. This season has been one of the better ones. With Sabre taking over Dunder Mifflin, it appeared the writers were struggling to make the show funny. However, they come back with a fantastic episode like The Delivery and all is right again. freight transportation

Hopefully the Andy/Erin storyline will be detailed more next week and look to see if Dwight goes through with Angela bearing his child. The Office has a lot to cover with the season finale rapidly approaching.