Undergoing A Fertility Check Up Singapore

fertility check singapore

A fertility check-up is the best way to know about the status of your fertility. It can help you find if you or your partner are infertile and the causes behind it. Though it is considered best to give the natural process some time, it is recommended to see a doctor if you have been trying to get pregnant for more than a year or at least six months. The best option is to consult a specialized doctor and visit the hospital for a fertility check up singapore at the earliest.

What to expect during a check-up?

The tests infertility usually begins with a physical practitioner talking with you about your medical history and a physical exam. It can take some time for a medical professional to figure out the particulars of your situation, so it is normal for the procedure to take about two or three weeks. Though it is entirely a personal choice to undergo a fertility check up singapore before even trying, you should consider the checkup if you or your partner has a history of the following:

  • irregular periods
  • thyroid problems
  • cystic fibrosis or cysts in the ovarian region
  • injury or trauma to your scrotum and testes or the penis
  • problems in getting an erection
  • problems in ejaculating
  • problems related to great pain during or after sex

If any of the conditions mentioned above prevail, it is advised to get checked by a doctor as soon as possible to prevent any further delay in the treatments.